SkypeWeb Plugin

for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium

by Eion Robb



This is the SkypeWeb plugin for Pidgin/libpurple. It allows you to see your Skype contacts in Pidgin/libpurple, send them instant messages and participate in group chats. GPLv3 licensed. Requires libjson-glib to use.



Windows users can download latest builds from libskypeweb-debug.dll or pidgin-skypeweb-installer.exe

The plugin requires libjson-glib which is part of the installer exe or can be downloaded from github and copied to the Program Files (x86)\Pidgin folder (not the plugins subfolder)


Requires devel headers/libs for libpurple and libjson-glib [libglib2.0-dev, libjson-glib-dev and libpurple-dev]

	git clone git://
	cd skype4pidgin/skypeweb
	sudo make install

Source Code

Code is hosted on Github at

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