Skype 2.8 beta 2 for Mac Released

So as my first “real” post, I thought I’d say that Skype have released an update to Skype 2.8 beta 2.  The interesting bit is here where they’ve reported on all the errors that were fixed including an important one that I reported “Skype API: implemented: get chat x dialog_partner”.  One little line of bugfix caused a lot of relief for me.  A little side story:

For a while, the Skype plugin for Adium had been generating a lot of console log messages.  This was something I knew, but what I didn’t know was that it was eating up CPU cycles and causing incomming messages to be missed.  It turns out that this was why I couldn’t keep my loaned macbook on my lap for too long: the CPU temp was getting up to 90 degrees Celsius causing large red welts on my legs!

So, longish story short, I reluctantly rewrote the messaging (well the chat) part of the plugin to work out who incoming messages were from.  The one line of code which called “get chat x dialog_partner” had to be replaced with hundreds of lines of callbacks and other code.  Gah!

So yeah.  If you’ve got an old version of the Adium plugin, rejoyce:  Skype have fixed their bug, but in the end, if you’ve got a newer/newest version of the plugin you should be happy that you’ve got a lot better code because of it 🙂

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