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Pidgin with Video on Windows

I’ve been helping out Maiku (who’s the Google summer of code student who was tasked with getting voice/video working in Pidgin) to get pidgin-vv working on Windows. We’ve done lots of playing around for the last wee while, but we’ve finally managed to get it working on Windows. Just so you all believe me, here’s a teaser screencast video of me giving Maiku a call.

Cool huh! So far only XMPP (and Skype, kinda) are working but Maiku is hard at work to get all the other protocols working too. Yay! 🙂


Multiple logins with Skype 4.0

Over the last few hours, I’ve had a couple of people ask me about the new /secondary command-line flag that Skype 4.0 for Windows has now.

To be honest, I’d never heard of the flag, but it looks like it’s now possible to run more than one copy of Skype on Windows. Fantastic! A little more digging around and I found [ this bug report] which also talks about /username and /password command-line options too. Neat!

So the question is this: “can I run more than one copy of Skype with the skype4pidgin plugin”. The answer up until now was “only on Linux”, and it would only really work if you ran both the dbus and X11 versions of the plugin. The answer now is “not yet”, since it’s going need a rewrite of things to be able to handle more than one Skype account through the plugin, as well as figuring out a way to target more than one copy of Skype running on Windows.

So I guess it’s just a big “watch this space” 🙂
Thanks for reading!