Retiring the MightyText plugin

So unfortunately I’ve had to discontinue work on the MightyText plugin for Pidgin.

Semi-recently, Google changed their authentication process to no longer allow an old type of auth. Unfortunately, the new system (OAuth) relies on the user having a web browser to login with, which isn’t something we can assume with libpurple (have you tried using a text-based web browser with Finch?!). Although I managed to find a way around this, to connect back from OAuth into the MightyText server requires a great deal of effort that ended up going nowhere.

So, regretfully I’ve had to stop.

The good news is that I’ve started up a new plugin that lets you send/receive SMS messages through your Android phone, using the Pushbullet service. Implementing the Pushbullet API was fantastic, as (unlike MightyText) it was actually documented and supported and the guys at Pushbullet were really easy to work with and communicate with. Using Pushbullet we can also connect via websockets, which means less noisy HTTP connections in the debug log (although writing a websocket client in C was… ‘fun’).

The Pushbullet service in general is really handy for sending snippets of data to/from your mobile device (and indeed to other clients, like a browser plugin). You can also send messages to other Pushbullet users directly, which there’s support for in the new plugin too.

So install Pushbullet, grab the new plugin from and give it a go!

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